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Décor Closet Overhaul

I began organizing my décor closet a few months ago. At the time, it housed fall and Christmas décor and two file containers. I hated having the file containers in there, but I couldn’t figure out where else to store them. Here’s how it looked:

Well, as I began collecting different home and party décor I found on sale and re-thinking how to organize gift wrap, etc., I needed to re-work this closet to maximize its potential (it really is a great use of space). So, I moved the file containers into an extra closet and moved in all of my fun finds.

This closet continues to house all of my décor. Now, it also contains fun items I’ve saved from other parties and picked up during my trips to Target, Michael’s etc. As a side note, you NEED to visit Target’s $5, $3, $1 section at the front of the store. It’s a gold mine!

Here'a close up of how I store some of my Christmas decorations. I had to resist the urge to buy matching containers for everything. I decided to save money and use what I already had on hand.

Here are my 2017 fall decorations. I've added to the collection this year, so I'll probably end up the moving the platters you see to the far right to make room for the new stuff.

I also moved all of my gift wrap products, craft, and stationary here as well. A couple of years ago, I purchased this gift wrap storage cart on sale from The Container Store. I just knew it was the answer to my gift wrap/craft storage dilemma AND that it would fit right in at our new house. Well, I was half right! It really is a great storage solution, but it didn’t fit in well anywhere. Its final resting place became a cut out in our downstairs electrical/storage closet. I can’t tell you how annoying it was to have to drag that thing out every time I needed a gift bag or tissue paper.

So, I decided to ditch the cart. Don’t worry. It has a new home at my mom’s house as she was more than happy to take it off of my hands. I grabbed my favorite bins from Target (seriously, I love these things) and decided to store all of my gift wrap, cards etc. in the décor closet.

Organizing tissue paper can be a task. There are a million ways to do it. I kept it simple and used file folders. The Target bins are also great for holding ribbon and gift bags.

I keep all of my stationary in once place so it's easy to find.

By the way, seeing pictures of all of these decorations has me ITCHING to put up fall décor. But it’s still painfully hot here, and there’s a hurricane coming---so I’ll hold tight for a little while longer!

Here's the finished product.



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