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Sincerely, Ki creates customized organization and design solutions tailored to fit your life.


Here's How It Works:

  1. Contact Sincerely, Ki by email to schedule your free phone, FaceTime, or Zoom consultation.

  2. FREE 30 minute consultation is provided to discuss your needs and get acquainted.

  3. In-Person Space Consultation and Product Sourcing. $50 hourly rate. I will assess your space, take measurements and photos, and develop a plan of action.  In addition, I will source all products that are needed for your project.  

  4. Organizing Sessions. $50 hourly rate (2-hours minimum).

  5. Follow-up. Once we complete your organizing sessions, please take advantage of our complimentary 30 minute maintenance session.


10 hours for $450 (savings of $50)

20 hours for $850 (savings of $150)

40 hours for $1,750 (savings of $250)

*Fees for packages do not include In-Person Space Consultation and Product Sourcing. Fees for packages are due prior to commencement of work. Unused hours expire after 90 days. 


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Virtual Organizing is perfect for those who have the time to organize but need a little help getting started and along the way. 


Total Cost- $200

Virtual DIY Organizing Services Include:

* Email correspondence throughout project

* Two 30 minute Virtual call sessions

* Customized space plan

* Customized organizing products shopping list

You may purchase custom labels for an additional charge.

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