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Favorite Things- Nursery Edition

I've rounded up some of my favorite organization and décor items from my daughter's nursery. Everything is from the Pillowfort line at Target. Happy shopping!

Large Rectangle Stripe Bin

I picked up this storage bin on sale at Target. I use it to extra bed linen.

White Rope Basket

I adore these cute baskets! I have two of them in the nursery to store stuffed animals.

Polka Dots Storage Bin

If you've read my post on nursery organization, these should look familiar. I store diapers, wipes, and toiletries in these bins.

Wire Decorative Bin

I use two of these bins on the dresser as part of the "changing command station." One bin holds diapers. The other bin holds medicine, a thermometer, cotton balls, etc. They're a steal at $5.99 each.

Pineapple Table Lamp

I have this adorable pineapple table lamp on the nightstand. It adds a bright touch to the room.


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