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How to make your little one's birthday special during the COVID-19 pandemic

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

I love throwing parties. I have a soft spot for kids' parties. They are so fun to plan! For the past two years, we have opened our home to friends and family to celebrate Alexis's birthday. I had originally planned on throwing a gymnastics party at a local gym for her third birthday. Then COVID-19 happened, and I tabled that idea. I still hoped that somehow things would be better by December 28 (her birthday), so I set my sights on a "sweets" birthday at our home since Alexis LOVES donuts and ice cream. As time passed and the numbers began to rise again, I knew a birthday party (even a small one) wasn't in the cards for 2020.

So, I pivoted and decided to incorporate the sweets theme into several days of celebrations. The first thing I did was order these invitations from Minted. I made ice cream cones on my Cricut, and mailed them to Alexis's friends and a few family members so they could send her birthday wishes.

Next up, a donut birthday party at school. I wanted Alexis to have a fun celebration with her "Frog-Tastic Twos" class as these kids are part of her "bubble." As an added touch, I made favor bags for the kids.

Round two... a donut birthday breakfast the day after Christmas. We were fortunate to be able to have our parents with us for Christmas (everyone made sure to take all necessary precautions beforehand). I knew they'd want to celebrate the apple of their eye, so I put up a few decorations. Since I keep a stash of party supplies, I did some shopping in my decor closet.

Last, on her actual birthday, I picked her up from school with a unicorn balloon and donut holes (I was not kidding about this child's love of donuts). That evening, one of my best friends and her hubby came over for pizza and ice cream.

The birthday girl had an absolute blast!

Here are a few other ideas for making your little one's birthday extra special during these unprecedented times:

Outdoor picnic. Throw a blanket or two on the ground and set up your little one's favorite foods and a few games. This option offers an opportunity to invite a small group of friends or family. Each group can sit on their own blankets and remain socially distanced. For colder weather, set up a blanket for your family in the living room.

Decorations. Turn your home into a birthday wonderland. Make posters. Hang banners, streamers, and balloons. Leave everything up for a few days.

Video birthday wishes. Have friends and family send video messages to your little one. Your child can watch each one. Or you can compile the videos into a movie.

Community Service. Your child can use his or her birthday to help or honor others. Write letters to nursing home residents. Send thank you notes to first responders. Make toiletry bags for the homeless.

Family Dinner. The pace of life has slowed down for many. Use this time to sit down together as a family and enjoy dinner, cake, and great conversation. Each family member can name one thing they love most about the birthday boy or girl.

Here's to finding ways to celebrate and each other!


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