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Organizing Recipes

If you’re like me, you’ve collected A LOT of recipes over the years. So, let’s talk recipe organization.

Recipe Binders

There are some people who need recipes on paper. A three-ring binder is a great way to organize your recipes.

Here are some great binder options:

This is the recipe binder I've been using for a while. I think I purchased it from Amazon years ago.

Cute options from Amazon

I've had my eye on this Sweet Caroline Designs recipe binder for a while and snagged it when it finally went on sale.

Recipe Card Boxes

I don’t use boxes to store my recipes, but I vividly remember my mom’s recipe box filled with index cards.

There are some really cute recipe card boxes on the market.

Here's one for all of you Mackenzie-Childs lovers.

Amazon options


Pepperplate is the first digital recipe organization app I used. However, I no longer plan to use it. Pepperplate used to be free, but the company announced that it is switching to a paid service model. Bummer! That aside, what’s nice about Pepperplate is the ability to menu plan and add recipes to a shopping list. If you don’t mind a paid subscription, Pepperplate is a nice option. To be honest, though, I’m going to go through my Pepperplate recipes and either print or pin them on Pinterest.

Speaking of Pinterest, who doesn’t love Pinterest? If you’re a visual person, it’s easy to find inspiration by looking at your boards or feed. And you also have the option to print recipes you love and add them to a binder or box. I have three boards dedicated to recipes- “Sweets,” Yum,” and “Drinks.” I organize all of my recipes into various sections. This makes finding exactly what I'm looking for a whole lot easier. Follow me on Pinterest here!


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