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Quick Tips for Organizing Under the Sink

We all have it--that cabinet under the kitchen sink that stores everything from dishwasher pods to bug spray. If you're not careful, this important space can become a cluttered mess. Here are some tips on how to organize under the sink.

1. Empty the space- take everything (and I mean everything) out of the cabinet so you can really assess what you have.

2. Discard items- throw away leaky bottles, etc. that you have no use for.

3. Group like items- sort everything into similar groups. For example, group your sponges, cloths, gloves, cleaners together.

4. Measure space and take note of obstructions- it's always a good idea to know how much space you're actually working with. It's particularly important when dealing with the space under the sink as you have to navigate plumbing.

5. Choose organizers- select organizers that work best for your space. This could be baskets, bins, or turntables.

6. Don't overlook door storage- the door is a great place to hold a variety of items, so don't pass up the opportunity to take advantage of this space.

Here's a look at the cabinets under my kitchen sink. Nothing fancy. Just practical use of the space with room to add more if needed.

Once I cleaned out the space and threw (or gave) away items I didn't need, I discovered that everything fell into two groups: 1. Dishes- dishwasher pods, Brillo pads, rinse aid, dish soap. 2. Cleaning- sponges, microfiber cloths, kitchen cleaner, wipes, trash bags, and gloves.

At first, I thought clear plastic bins would offer the best storage solution; however, I determined that that these clear Lazy Susans would offer more accessibility. And of course, I couldn't forget to use my door--I purchased this hanging basket from Amazon and used command hooks to hang it. It's a great place to store grocery bags or even sponges.

I hope these quick tips help you organize your space!



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