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Bathroom Vanity Organization

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I recently re-painted all of our dark brown bathroom vanities gray. I love how they turned out, but boy was it a task. Everything has been put back in place, so I thought I'd share the products I use to organize it all.

Make-up organizer and cup are both from Target.

The other acrylic organizer is from a company called GlamBox- unfortunately, it appears they are no longer in business.

This tray is another Target find.

The narrow drawer organizers are from The Container Store.

These bins are part of a 4pc set from Amazon. The set is actually marketed for kitchen use, but I always encourage people to think outside the box when it comes to storage and organization.

You can snag these bins at Bed Bath and Beyond. I hang my headbands between two of them. The basket is super old, and I don't remember where I got it.

I store my basin in a deep drawer and simply throw in bath-spa items.

The acrylic tray is from GlamBox (again, it appears the company closed). The grey stackable bins were a great find from Amazon. I store my back stock of personal hygiene products in these, but they're extremely versatile. Of course, the last time I checked Amazon, they were unavailable. Similar items are here, here, and here.

I love these drawer organizers from The Container Store. I've had them for years.

I throw my cosmetic bags in a bin I found at Home Goods or Marshall's. I love finding storage products from these stores. And don't count out your local dollar store!

Drawer organizers from Bed Bath and Beyond.

I picked these up at Marshall's a long time ago. Target has similar bins that I love and use a lot throughout my home.

I hope you found this round up helpful! Happy Organizing!


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