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Daycare Ready

My daughter, Alexis, started daycare on August 13. Cue the tears—from baby and mama! I was blessed to stay home with her for 16 weeks and then have her grandparents rotate watching her for another 16 weeks. As a first-time daycare mom, I wanted to make sure I packed everything she needed in the most organized manner.

I knew I’d have to label EVERYTHING, so in addition to my handy Sharpie, I ordered these cute labels from Etsy. These should last for a while.

She received a school supply list for her Nursery III class (these are all of the items that stay at school). I also had to organize all of the items she’d take to school on a daily basis. I used gallon and quart size Ziploc bags, a black Sharpie, and my labels.

And of course, I have to share one of her First Day pictures!


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