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DIY Halloween Gift Tags

If your kids are attending school right now, do they exchange treats with their classmates during the holidays? It's definitely a thing at Alexis's pre-school...I'm talking even at the nursery level. I follow a number of stationary companies on Instagram and have purchased various personalized options throughout the year. And while all of the Halloween gift tags are cute, I thought I'd just DIY things for Alexis's treats for her friends in the "Frogtastic Twos."

I kept things pretty simple. I created a text box with an orange border in Word and included some festive language. The font I used isn't standard. I love finding unique fonts on Pinterest and downloading them on my computer. I left a space for the pumpkins I made using my Cricut. If you don't have a Cricut, you can draw pumpkins, cut out pumpkin clip art, or use stickers.

Next, I printed the tags on cardstock and used double sided photo tape to adhere the pumpkins. Once that was done, I cut the tags using a small paper cutter. Obviously, you can just use scissors, but I've learned over the years I'm a bit challenged when it comes to cutting a straight line.

I found some Halloween-themed veggie chips at Target and used some fun stickers to tape the tags down. And that's it folks! Done and done.



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