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No Play Room? No Problem!

We don't have a designated playroom in our home. I supposed we could have one if we really wanted to, but I like having two guest bedrooms for when both sets of parents are visiting. And while Alexis has a few toys in her Dad's man cave/office, she doesn't play in there very often. So when a friend of ours gifted us with little play table (thanks, Brink!), I set out to find a space in our home that I could transform into a play area.

I settled on the "landing" area on our second floor. It was an used space, and while open, I knew I could manage the toddler chaos pretty well by using storage bins and baskets. Initially, the only thing in our new play area was the table. My dad painted it white for me, and our friend shortened the legs to make it just the right height.

I knew I wanted Alexis to have an art easel. It took a while to find one that would fit well in the corner. Luckily, I found this easel at Walmart and added it to Alexis' Christmas list. Walmart also has a lot of great easel accessories. I found a paint set, dry erase crayons, whiteboard eraser, and magnetic letters and numbers. Alexis was gifted the easel and all accessories by her grandparents. She is one blessed little girl!

The easel came with the white fabric storage boxes. I picked up a a few other boxes from The Container Store and Crate & Kids.

I thought about adding a bookshelf to the space, but decided against it as I didn't want the landing area to look too cluttered. I went with a basket in the corner to place a few of Alexis' books.

Next up, chairs for the table. I came this close to purchasing some wooden chairs from Pottery Barn, but honestly didn't want to spend the money! I found these chairs on Amazon, and I have been impressed so far. First, at under $50 for both chairs, you can't beat the price. Second, when Alexis manages to color on them (she always manages to color on them), the marks come out with window cleaner. P.S. window cleaner and a paper towel also work wonders on the easel.

To add a bit more personality to the space, I added a pin board I found at HomeGoods (less than 20 bucks). I use it to display anything from pictures, seasonal decorations, and birthday party invitations.

I also plan to add these fun art shelves from Minted to hang Alexis' artwork and display framed art.

I really am happy with how it all came together. And best of all, Alexis is having a ton of fun in her new play area. Now more than ever, I'm so glad we have this space for her. My work area is also in this space, so I am able to work from home as best I can while she plays.

I pray you and your family are safe and healthy during this difficult time.



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