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Gearing Up for Home School!

Parents are facing such tough choices for the upcoming school year. I was texting with a friend last night about how she plans to home school her three young children. It's a pretty daunting task that I know will work out well for them. But I can only imagine how difficult it will be for her and so many parents to pivot to a full-time or part-time home school household.

I have absolutely zero knowledge of home schooling, but I do know a thing or two about organization. I think one way parents can eliminate some of the stress of home schooling is to develop an organization system. You certainly don't want to add not being able to find a pen to the stress of this new math I've seen (yikes!).

So, I've put together some budget-friendly items that I hope can help parents stay organized during this upcoming school year.


If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love a good turntable/Lazy Susan. These are great to organize school supplies.

My go-to turntables from Amazon.

I love the bright colors and removable sections of this one.

This is a great solution for supplies.

I love that this one is clear with removable sections.

Rolling Carts

I'm sure you've seen these carts everywhere, but they are great storage solutions.

This one from the Container Store comes with the option of purchasing some great accessories.

Target also offers a range of rolling carts.


I love these photo storage containers. I use them to store crayons, markers, letters, and more.

These containers are great for book storage.

I use these tall containers in various places around the house.

Another great storage solution.

These small bins are great for paper clips and craft items.

I love the colorful options of these bins and that they have handles.

These bins from Target are great to store notebooks and other school supplies.

A simple over-the-door shoe organizer is useful for so many things including organizing school supplies.

I organize my daughter's school-related keepsakes in this file bim I picked up from Target. I added a vinyl label using my Cricut.


Love this cube organizer from Walmart.

And I've heard great things about this Ikea favorite, above.

This is a nice desk option for little ones if you have the space.


I love the idea of using chalkboard contact paper as an alternative to a traditional chalkboard or chalkboard paint.

And you can't go wrong with a classic cork board.

I hope you've found this list helpful. I wish your family nothing but the best for the upcoming school year!



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