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Quick DIY Bow and Headband Holder

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Let me start by admitting that my child has more headbands than should be allowed. I don't even remember where half of them came from. For the longest time, I stored her headbands in these cute acrylic canisters from Amazon and boxes from The Container Store. They don't sell this particular style anymore, but here's a similar one.

This method worked for a while, but as you can expect, as she accumulated more headbands and bows, digging through the canisters became a bit annoying. So, I searched on Etsy for headband/bow holders, and while I found many cute ones, I didn't want to fork over $30-$50 dollars.

I got my creative juices flowing and decided to come up with my own DIY solution. While it's not fancy like the Etsy options, it solved my dilemma on how to display her headbands and bows in a way that makes them more accessible.

I started with one of the hangers from her closet as my base. To "jazz" it up a bit, I added a bow at the top. It's one of those obnoxiously huge bows you sometimes get when you order a cute outfit from Etsy. Looks like I finally found a use for it.

Next, I grouped all of her headbands and bows to keep similar styles together. I packed up a few that I know for sure she won't use again. As you can see, I probably need to edit this collection down some more. But, I'm not quite ready to part with them just yet. She doesn't have a ton of hair, so headbands are life!

In order to hang everything, I created a lattice using two different sizes of ribbon. The white ri

bbon is from Walmart, and the thinner pink ribbon is from a bag of ribbon I snagged from Amazon. I secured everything with clear tape and some gorilla glue.

I clipped her bows on the sides of the hanger and at the top of the white ribbon. Then I used mini clothespins to hang her headbands on the thinner pink ribbon. You can purchase the mini clothespins from any store of your choice. I bought mine from Amazon.

Here's the finished product. Again, nothing fancy, but it does the trick!



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