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Easy DIY Minnie Mouse Costume

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Happy Halloween! This year, I had a lot of fun creating a Halloween costume for Alexis. She loves all things Disney Junior and has a special place in her heart for "Mimmie" (that's how she says it!) Mouse.

I looked online for costumes, but never found anything I loved. So, I decided to just DIY. The only things I had to purchase specifically for her costume were a tutu, felt sheets, and felt glue. I pulled everything else from her closet.

Here's the tutu I purchased from Amazon for 10 bucks. The quality was great for the price. Nice and fluffy!

I picked up a couple of white felt sheets from Michael's for less than .35 cents each. I then used a salt shaker and marker to trace a circle as my guide for the dots on the tutu. After a while, I started cutting the circles without a guide.

Next, I used some felt glue (you can purchase this at any craft store) to glue the felt circles on the tutu.

Here's how it turned out.

Costume Sources:

Her Ears: head2toedesigns on Etsy. These will be recycled for her 2nd Bday party and future trips to Disney World.

Her Sweater: Carter's

Blouse Options: Here and here.

Her Socks: Smocked Auctions. Other options here and here.

Diaper Cover Options: Here and here.

Her Shoes: Here and here. Other options here, here, and here.

As you can see, "Mimmie" enjoyed herself!



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